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Sue Melchert

3 children, 5 grandkids: Corey married Carrie. They have Connor, Madden, Brynli. Kellie and Randy have Reese. Sean married Valerie and they have Jude.

I graduated from Whitmer High School. I attended BGSU and UT.

I applied for a “summer job” at Transport Tire, then Ziegler Tire and worked there for over 23 years. I did not want to be just the person who answered the phone so I learned the tire business. I worked at K&M Tire for about 8 years learning a different side to the tire business in sales. Then I started with JAM a little 5 years ago.

I spend a lot of time when not at work with my family, especially my grandkids. I enjoy reading, cooking, baking and gardening. I am a BIG Michigan Football Fan, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns and enjoy all sports. I also volunteer at my church Grace Lutheran.

I enjoy my job because everyday it is different. All of my coworkers make for a fun team for Jim to coach. Jim gives us opportunities to succeed and makes us feel good about the job we do. Working at JAM has also helped me to see customers that I knew when I worked at Transport Tire.

Interesting fact: I drink vinegar water every morning to start my day.

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