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Jim Jones

Jim Jones – Head Coach

Most of my story, you might’ve already read on the Our Story page. If you haven’t, the quick recap is that I never planned to be here “when I grew up.”

But, that being said, I am blessed with a GREAT life and couldn’t be happier with where my path has taken me. I am surrounded by people that I love to be around; I get to help them grow; I get to help people improve their business. I truly love getting out of bed every day (although I wish I could stay there with my beautiful wife Jennifer a little more).

I have a daughter Kailee and a son Brock. In the spare time I do have, I enjoy helping to coach Brock in wrestling, riding dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and jet skis, and traveling anywhere Jennifer wants to go. I plan to work until I die, doing what I love.

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