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David Harder

Married since October 2000 to Joanne.

My Birthday is October 15th. Cards with money = perfect gift.

Two daughters Alexandria, 7 and Jillyanna, 5.

Graduated from Maumee High 1987.

Attended The Ohio State University (Mechanical Engineering.)

First job was pumping gas at The Anderson’s in Maumee.

Worked at RAX and Ponderosa while attending school in Columbus.

Met wife while working at RAX.

Moved back to Maumee in 1992.

Started working at The Anderson’s Tireman, rose through the ranks from a General Service Tech to Lead Tech (ASE master certified) to Store Manager with almost 15 yrs of service.

Started working at JAM in September of 2005

Became a partner in 2007.

Priorities Monday through Friday… 1.) JAM 2.) Family and Friends 3.) Everything else. Weekends? 1.) Family and Friends 2.) JAM 3.) Everything else.

FALL Saturdays? 1.) OSU Football 2.) OSU Football 3.) OSU Football 4.) Everything else.
(it is only 15 days out of 364, that doesn’t sound too bad!)

Avid sports fan: anything OSU, Steelers, Reds, Lakers and Red Wings

Would rather run out of gas in Michigan, than buy gas in Michigan.


Likes: Fishing, cooking, woodworking, tinkering, yard work and watching daughters play sports.

Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving—love to prepare dinner.

I enjoy going to work every day, there is always a new challenge, something to get better at. If you are not bettering yourself, you are not growing.

Dream is to retire to the beach villa next door to Coach.

I could not fathom doing anything else.

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