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Earl Green

I graduated Millington High School in 1971 and was working construction for a mason contractor.

In 1972 I married Robyn Leach, we had two children. Our son Earl  R. Green Jr. born in 1975 passed away in 2010.
Daughter Jodi Ann born 1978 married to Neil Sartor have given us two grandchildren Tristan (13,) and Mackenzie (11.) They are now hunting and fishing partners.

I started in the Tire Business at Bob’s Tire Retread plant in Flint, Michigan from 1972 to 1990.

At that time, I decided to take a position with upper Lakes Tire in Saginaw as a Retread Manager.  They had 1 Bandag Chamber producing 15 to 20 retreads a day. By the time it was sold in 2006, and with the help of some good people, we had expanded to producing 120 to 130 Bandag Retreads a day.

In 2006, Upper Lakes Tire was sold to Triple M Tire of Gaylord, MI. With Triple M Tire we built a new Retread Plant capable of producing 200 retreads a day. Triple M Tire closed in 2011. In these years I received a lot of training from the Bandag Incorporated.

In 2011 I was introduced to Jim Jones who offered me a chance to try something a little different… Manage a JAM Best One Tire & Service Location in Flint, MI.

So here in 2013, I have been with JAM Best One just over 2 years growing the Flint Location with the help of some great people.

My plan is to retire from JAM in about 10 to… so many years. I have spent 41 years in the commercial tire business and I hope to continue.

I also have been married to Robyn for 41 years… Life has been good.

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