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Dave Beaudoin

My name is Dave or D3 if I work with you!

I have been in the commercial tire business for 41 years now; the JAM Best-One location in Flint is my third and final stop!

I love my job, it’s still challenges me, it’s still interesting, it’s still what I love to do! When I’m not working for JAM, you’ll find me working in my flower gardens at home, where I love to do landscaping…

One of eight children, I grew up in a very musically gifted family and on weekends I still perform in local clubs with one of my two bands, Rhythm Gypsies or Handsome Devils. Music has always been my true passion.

I have one grown son and five grandchildren that also keep me very busy! I love Detroit professional sports, especially the Lions!

I lead a very healthy and active lifestyle and I’m looking forward to travel in my retirement.

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