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Kenny Weber

Met my High school sweet heart Vicky, in 1975 and got married in 1982. Graduated from Fitzgerald High in 1977 (Vicky is older she graduated in 1976.) I have four kids, Kenny 31, Ricky 30, Christopher 26, and Chelsea 24. My first tire related job was at Rao Wholesale in 1980 where I started out as a Driver before moving my way up to Sales. I left there to drive truck for Yellow Freight of before joining forces in 1995 with my brother at Weber Tire, where I ran the warehouse and wore quite a few hats.

In May of 2009, I partnered up with Jam Tire where we started out in a parking lot with a 45” trailer as our warehouse, and the front seat of a pickup for an office.

I love to go to the gym, and enjoy yard work around my house.

I’m not a hardcore sports fan, but I can say my two favorite teams are the Detroit Red Wings and the Michigan Wolverines. My goals in life are pretty simple… to do the best you can do in what you do and always strive to be number one in what you do.

What I like most about my job is I have learned how to run a business the way it should be run, and every day is a challenge.

I have a twin brother that lives in Chicago and I can play the piano.

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