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Sarah Harrigan

Married to Eric. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary this past summer. We have 4 children Alex, Adam, Audrey and Anna. I am a Girl Scout leader for my oldest daughter’s troop.

I was a stay at home mom before coming to work at JAM 4 years ago. I started out working at the front counter and doing billing.

Attended Notre Dame Academy. Graduated from Owens Community College with an Associate’s degree in Accounting Technologies. Graduated from Lourdes University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

I enjoy reading, hiking, doing crafts and baking with my girls.

I am not a fan of sports, but I do have to suffer through many Detroit Tigers and Lions games because the guys in my house really like them. Also, my children love to go to Maumee High School football and Basketball games on Friday nights.

I like the atmosphere here at Jam.  We work hard, but have fun doing it. I value JAM’s commitment to honesty and its caring attitude with both its customers and employees. I like that JAM is family oriented.

I really hate cold weather and someday want to move to Florida and live in the Disney neighborhood Celebrations because I love Disney World. We currently take a Disney vacation every year to year and a half.

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