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Keith Redford

Married to Kelly on December 9, 1995.
Birthday: September 23rd. Ohio State sporting event tickets would be a Great Gift!
God has blessed us with 3 children, Katie & Josh (12) and Kelsi (7.)
I graduated from Springfield High School in 1988.
My first job was with Friendly’s Ice Cream.

Entered the United States Air Force out of High School and left active duty in 1992.  Returned home to Holland, OH and eventually started my career in sales with The Kahn & Diehl Centers for Progressive Eye Care selling LASIK surgery.  Moved into Office Equipment sales and then landed in the Commercial Tire & Service industry where I have been for nearly 13 years.

I started working at JAM in May of 2005.

Away from the office, I enjoy spending time in God’s service.  I am a Deacon within my local congregation and have recently taken on the role of Youth Leader (along with my wife,) working with Junior High and High School students in their pursuit of Christ.

I also enjoy watching and encouraging my children in their extracurricular activities.  Josh enjoys Soccer, Acting and Music; Katie enjoys Gymnastics, Acting and Music; and Kelsi enjoys Gymnastics and music.  I am a college football fan, specifically Ohio.  I also love music – singing, playing guitar (learning) and writing songs.

I have realized one of my goals with JAM, when I was able to move into my current role as a Store Manager after being in the sales field for nearly 20 years.  I truly enjoy my position and believe in the vision of JAM Best One Fleet Service.

I look forward to my favorite Coach quote – “Be the lightening rod Keith!”

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