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Out of Service Tires | Semi Truck Repair

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When a tire is placed out of service, there are several things you should be thinking about before assigning it a grade, sending it to be retreaded, or even sending it to the scrap pile. Paying attention to tire wear and the mechanical issue it can point to is an obvious way to keep your expenses down and your bottom line growing. Log all of these issues (both mechanical OR tire) in an excel, pay attention to trends in wear in certain positions, etc. and you’re batting 1000 when it comes to staying on top of fleet maintenance. (Not to mention paying attention helps to keep you as an informed buyer when it comes to making the best purchasing decisions for your trucks and trailers and it looks really really good to your boss! :))

Here are some quick thoughts to run through when you’re pulling a tire.

Why did you pull the tire?

If the tire was pulled due to normal wear – high five! Your equipment is running right.

If the tire was pulled due to a damage or puncture – Can it be repaired and placed back in service?

If it was pulled to irregular wear – What sort of issue does this specific type of wear indicate?

Is the issue due to a defect in your own equipment or is it possible to that it is a manufacturer defect that should be sent to the OEM for a warranty claim?

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