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We’re big-time trucking advocates–not only because providing service to the industry is at the core of our business–but because we know that the industry is at the core of the American economy.

On top of that, (and if you’ve been following our blog, then you already know) we loooooooooove technology. (Extra “o’s” needed for emphasis.)

So we’re constantly on the hunt for innovations that will make our clients lives easier.

We reported one to our email list last year that really impressed us. Since we are just beginning to expand the content here on our blog, we thought we’d share it here too for those of you who aren’t on our list and may have missed it. (As a side note, sign up for our email list here, and never miss our promotions, updates, and clearance hotlists. Shameless plug–we know– but we’re allowed. It is our blog, after all. :))

As it stands now, it’s safe to assume that one of several people are (hopefully) “monitoring” your fleet’s tire health: your drivers in their pre-trips, your maintenance manager when your trucks are in the shop, your service provider through regular fleet inspections, or you personally (when you have time, haha) when your trucks and trailers are in the yard.

The most efficient of these solutions is often the most difficult for many fleet owners/managers to digest. Delegating your tire program to an outside company means letting go of the reigns on a major expense. But if you find a business you can partner with, doing so gives your drivers a shorter pre-trip, your maintenance managers more time for more major repairs, and leaves you more time to arrange and schedule your freight.

What though…..

wait for it….

Continental Tire Technology

if your tires had technology that monitored themselves.


(Yes. Our minds were blown too. Now you see why we had to share it here as well.)

In a press release sent out in the second part of last year, Continental announced the development of a micro-chipped tire with a planned release date in 2017. The microchip would electronically monitor both the tread depth and tire pressure and alert a driver when a change is due or when inflation is needed.

Continental Tire Micro Chip

Additionally, the vehicles’ on board systems could even go a step further in reducing the downtime for the driver and the fleet. After the on board system notifies the driver that a inflation, repair, or replacement is needed, the system loads directions to the nearest dealer/repair center into the vehicles’ GPS unit, and the dealer is alerted that the driver is en route with an approximate ETA.

Pretty incredible right?

It’s obvious what simple and beautiful efficiency this would create for fleets:

Better fuel economy since tires are running at all times at their recommended pressure.

Less downtime during repairs and changes.

More money in the bottom line.

Yes, the future is happening now; and we’re pretty excited about it.

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