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How 40% of Roadside Service Calls Can Be Avoided | Semi Truck Repair


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To use a completely unprofessional, politically incorrect adjective… roadside service calls suck.

We get it.

They slow down your freight, annoy your driver, and add a new balance to your “pay-outs.”

We’ve talked to several fleets recently about ways to help keep their costs down. Our answer is simple and almost always the same: proactive or preventative maintenance.

While many think this a “no-brainer,” and scoff at our mention of it; the numbers pulled from last winters historical data show that a large number of fleets don’t heed this advice. Take a look at what we found…

There’s a huge difference between being proactive and reactive; and the fleet operators that recognize the difference are seeing bigger returns come year end. The logic is simple: Finding and fixing potential issues before your truck leaves the yard eliminates driver downtime and call out fees from your expense log.

Scheduling this maintenance while your tractors and trailers are not in service and rotating them out until your entire fleet is winter-ready, and you’re operating at peak efficiency. Another win.


Post On: February 25, 2015
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