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Buckeye Invitational Truck Show 2018 | Semi Truck Repair

Buckeye Invitational Truck Show

We’re always looking for fun events to pass onto our readers, so when our friends George and Wendy started putting together this amazing weekend, we knew we would have to pass it on!

Introducing the Buckeye Invitational Truck Show (a.k.a. BITS) (Or as I like to refer to it: Bada** Interesting Truck Stuff).

The weekend, held at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, OH on June 8th and 9th, has got a stellar lineup of trucks, vendors, and musical acts to please big and little ones alike. The best part? Its FREEEEEEEEEE. Yep. Zero dollars and an afternoon of interesting to occupy the entire family. We’re so in. You should be too.

For more information on the show’s schedule, musical acts, and lodging (should you decide to attend both days), check out their website here.

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