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Bandag's Next Generation Tread Pattern for Waste Applications | Semi Truck Repair

bandag brm3

It’s no secret that tires in the waste industry have it rough. Driving in and out of dumps, scrubbing up against countless curbs, waste and recycling applications see 4 to 5 more rejected casings for retreading than OTR fleets. In an effort to create a tougher tread pattern that stands up to these trying conditions, Bandag has introduced the BRM3 tread pattern to improve on its predecessor the BRM2.

While the tread depth on this updated version remains the same at 26/32nds, the pattern itself differs greatly. The BRM3 features more pronounced channels with a high center void to improve traction on wet roads. Additionally, Bandag further developed the shoulders to help counteract the damage caused by the frequent turn and scrubbing motions experienced by waste applications.

If you’ve got a refuse fleet and are looking for a new tread design to test out to lower your cost per mile, don’t hesitate to call your local┬áJAM. We’d be more than happy to set you up with a BRM3 to test against your usual retread.

Post On: February 17, 2016
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