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What We Do

Simply put, JAM Best-One Fleet Service is a service company that sells tires.

While we appreciate the clients that use us once as they are passing through our service areas; we actively search for “partner-clients” – clients and customers that want our expertise in helping to build their business, not just the lowest out the door price.

Don’t misunderstand, we have made sure that our prices are competitive in all of our markets –  but it is through building long-term relationships that our clients see lower operating costs, free time where they may have been swamped before, organized tire and maintenance programs… and it gives us the chance to really shine.

A few years ago, we were given the opportunity to present to a fortune 500 Company who were experiencing—“difficult to manage”—vibration and wear problems. They had been with the same major supplier for over 30 years. Another dealer, who carried the exact same products, had already made multiple presentations attempting to diagnose the problem and had given them a retread plant tour.

While meeting with our tire supplier rep to prepare for the meeting, he asked, “Are you really wearing jeans and work boots to present to them?” I said, “Yes, we aren’t going to change who we are or what we do.”  He then asked, “What title do you want in the PowerPoint?” I said “Head Coach.” He said—after a long pause—“You can’t tell them your title is Head Coach.” I said, “Sure I can!”

After our presentation, we were given the chance to tour their shop. During the tour, I noticed a service tech installing two steer tires. I stopped the tour and told them they didn’t need us, I could solve their vibration and wear problems in 10 minutes and for $36.

After showing them a procedure change that would solve the majority of their problems, the VP of Maintenance asked if we could really do everything we said we would in our presentation? I said “Yes, that’s what we do.” He then asked, “Can you match the price of the previous supplier?” I said, “No.” He said, “Well why not?” I said, “Because that service comes with a price. If you want the lowest price, you aren’t going to get the service we just promised you in the presentation. Service will however, ultimately lower your total operating cost.”

We got the business the next day.

The VP said that he “loved the fact that we didn’t come in wearing fancy clothes.” He also said that he “loved my title and that he believed we would work hard to help them be successful.” In the first 12 months, we lowered their operating cost over $150,000, even though our pricing on the product cost was slightly higher than our competitor. They said that the data we supplied and follow up we gave them, was more than they had received in the last five years combined!

So while our clients passing through appreciate us for our quick response time and savvy technicians, the clients we partner with, in the truest sense of the word, see the bigger benefits of our expertise over the long term. And, year after year, they keep coming back.

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