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What "Truck Tire Repair Near Me" Actually Costs You | Semi Truck Repair

Truck tire repair near me

The muggy, ucky, hot and sticky summer months are upon us.

Your semi trucks are seeing greatly increased idle times, the A/C is on “Auto” and doesn’t stop running to keep up, and tires are popping at the rapid rate that the temps of summer pavements promise.

Welcome to the dog days, ya’ll.

Chances are if you’ve got one truck or one hundred trucks on the road, you’ve searched the words “truck tire repair near me” a time or two in your career. (Well at least since the advent of Google and smart phones.)

How do we know?

Well last year from June through September, between all 8 of our truck tire service centers throughout Ohio and Michigan, our phone rang 6,388 times for roadside service calls.

3,007 of these calls were specifically for mobile truck tire repair. (We track this stuff. So yes, if you were wondering, that IS an exact number.)

That’s a whole lot of calls for a whole lot of tires.

Unfortunately for you, it’s also a whole lot of cost in your operating expenses. And while many fleets mock up seasonal budgets to include these inflated (pardon the pun) costs, that doesn’t make them any less painful.

Can we help you to reduce the cost of that search? Potentially (Ask us about purchasing and/or maintenance agreements). Can we help you search it less frequently? ABSOLUTELY.

Here are some quick summer truck tire tips to help you keep your costs down:

Keep an eye on your PSI. Tires not aired up to the proper PSI run hotter. And since summer pavements see triple digit temps regularly, all there needs to be is a road hazard in the path of that tire, and your truck is roadside, waiting on us to show up. 🙁

Tell your drivers to slow it down. Time sensitive loads aside, lead foots don’t help the heat generated by tires. Tires running faster, run hotter. It’s simple math. Again, couple that with road hazards and already hot pavement? It’s a recipe for a road call.

Carry a spare. We have several fleets that have exclusive purchasing agreements with us or alternately, purchase in bulk, enabling them to get a lower cost per tire. If your fleet does this, carrying one of your own tires will drastically reduce the cost of the mobile tire service call.

Ask for a retread. This one is a no brainer. Retreads are cheaper than new tires, studies have shown they run just a well as their new alternatives, and they carry a far better environmental impact. (The choir is singing people, open up your ears.)

Ask your local tire/service vendor about maintenance agreements. Many vendors will offer discounts on road calls, if they are the exclusive vendors doing the PM work for your fleet.

Keep your google searches related to date night ideas or funny cat videos. Leave the truck tire repair near me searches – near someone else.

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