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What is Tire Grading?

Caps & Casings

Whether you’re running a big fleet with tons of equipment or a single truck by yourself, we cannot stress enough the importance of paying attention to your tires. We’ve probably said it a gazillion times, but it IS so important that we’ll say it again: your tires are direct indicators to problems with your equipment.

As a tire dealer, tire grading is very important. It helps us to determine the value of a used tire that can be resold and/or the quality of a casing that can be retreaded. It can also help us to point out mechanical issues to clients that may require service in the near or distant future.

For single operators or fleet or maintenance managers, the purpose is equally as important and almost the same – to help monitor mechanical issues with equipment and to ensure that  the most value is being gotten out of a tires life cycle. (And also that the right tire is being used for the application– but that should go without saying. :)) The importance of an actual “letter grade” is less important here than at a dealer; but it does help to track these notations to monitor tires and tire positions on your fleet.

Finally, as a consumer, it is helpful to know the standards for which individual businesses grade their tires, so that you know what you are looking at before you purchase.

Here at JAM, we grade our tires and casings based on the following criteria:

Grade P:

  • A premium brand (Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Continental) virgin casing up to 5 years old.

Grade A:

  • Other major brand (Firestone, General, Yokohama, Toyo, Dunlap, BF Goodrich) virgin casings up to 6 years old.
  • Premium virgin casings up to 6 years old with no more than one reinforced nail hole repair.

Grade B:

  • Other major brand virgin casings between 6-7 years old
  • Virgin casing 6 years or less old, off brand (Summitomo, Double Coin, Roadmaster, Sailun, etc.)
  • Premium brand casings up to 6 years old, once capped, with no more than one section repair.

Grade C:

  • Everything else up to 10 years old.
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