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Trucking Industry Awesome - Make A Wish Mothers Day Truck Convoy | Semi Truck Repair

It’s common knowledge to us in the industry that trucking in the U.S is one of the most critical, profitable pieces of the American economy there is. 2014 saw the trucking industry bring in over $700 billion in revenue and employed 7 million people – 3.4 million of them drivers.

Unfortunately, as many industry vets can also recognize – the common perception of the industry to the general public is not that it’s critical or profitable. As a matter of fact, the adjectives used to describe the Trucking Industry in the U.S. would lend themselves much further to the negative side.

So when we hear about cool things that happen in our industry, we feel compelled to share them here on our blog.

So, with that being said, this post marks the first in our “Industry Awesome” series – reporting one of the many cool things the trucking industry does for our nation – besides just keep the economy moving.

This past weekend marked the 25th Anniversary of the Make a Wish Foundation’s Mothers’ Day Truck Convoy. The convoy was started in 1990 when  a 12 year old boy made a wish was to ride in an 18 wheeler and talk to his sister on a CB radio. Over forty trucks and drivers showed up that first year and the number has grown – exceeding 391 trucks last year – and continues to beat its own record year after year in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Check out the video from last year’s convoy – Industry Awesome for certain.

To learn more about the Mothers’ Day Truck Convoy or how you can contribute, visit their site here.

Post On: May 13, 2015
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