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Flint, MI

Flint truck repair

Where to find us

1325 W. Hill Rd.
Flint, MI 48507


Chosen and built to provide service to parts of Michigan further North than we had previously been able to reach, our Flint, MI location allows us to offer fast roadside tire, truck, and trailer service to places like Davison, Durand, Millington, Saginaw, and Waterford.

Additionally, our expansive shop on Hill Rd. allows us to serve fleets of any size. Whether regular PM services or inspections are needed to brakes, shocks, or even alignments, our shop is able to offer a full range of services to commercial trucks and trailers. We take pride in our work and consider our clients are more “partners” than customers. We’ve helped fleets who thought they were as financially efficient as they “could be” to find ways to cut even more from their bottom lines. Read one of our biggest examples here.

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