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Trailer Repair

Trucking moves America. The general public may not realize yet the extent to which it does, but we do.

The economy would come to a screeching, grinding halt without the men and women that pull their rigs across the States to deliver us our groceries, goods, electronics, pharmaceutical products, and well…. nearly everything else.

How do they do it?

Besides having special licensing, the ability to predict where mechanical and equipment failures might occur while on the road, not to mention the skill of navigating the country’s highways with people who are, shall we say, more “carefree” about their driving styles, they all have one very basic thing in common. They’re all pulling a trailer to haul all that freight. Whether it be a reefer unit, a tanker, a flatbed, stepdeck, or a dry van, without the dedicated individuals pulling those trailers, the shelves at every major retailer would be empty.

It goes without saying, that if you’re the owner/manager of a fleet, your pockets would be feeling that pull as well. Our certified technicians are trained in nearly every type of trailer repair to keep make sure your freight finds its way to those shelves, without pulling too hard on that pocket.

Trailer Repair Services Available:

  • Patches
  • Floor repairs
  • Roof repairs
  • Swing & rollup door repairs
  • Electrical diagnostic & repairs
  • Tandem repairs
  • Liftgate repairs
  • Landing gear repair
  • Frame repairs
  • Welding
  • Suspension issues
  • ABS diagnostic & repair

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