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The “JAM Good” PM Service

PM service

It’s redundant and cliche. And overused and trite. And about 50 other adjectives you could use to describe it.

Still though, there’s no getting around that it is indeed fact:

You want a vehicle to take care of you? You’ve GOT TO take care of it.

Gone are the days where we counted on a rusted out Ford and a few dollars in gas to get us from A to B. Today’s equipment costs more than most houses; and we depend on it to feed our family, keep our lights on and bills paid– and to do the same for the men and women that work hard for us.

Some companies offer their fleets different levels of PM’s, ranging like a car wash, from basic to thorough. In our minds though, the “perfect” PM shouldn’t be anything less than thorough. The basic premise of preventative maintenance is to to find and fix the little issues before they become big expenses. Skimp on that and you’re just being cheap, lazy, or you truly just don’t care that much about efficiency and its relation to your bottom line. Successful fleets manage their PM programs with military like precision and see their bottom lines move up the ranks as a result.

Since we know that if our clients are successful–then we are too–we only offer one “level” of PM. And because we also try to remain politically correct–we’re going to watch our language here and just say it’s really “JAM” good.

Our PM checklist fills three pages–covering over 150 points of inspection, adjustments, and repairs or replacements in the cab, above and under the chassis, the interior and exterior body of your truck and trailer, as well as the tires and wheels they’re riding on. We don’t repair or replace anything without talking to you first; and when we’re finished, you get a copy of the completed checklist showing you each item has been inspected & OK and what has been adjusted/repaired/etc. You’ll leave knowing your equipment has had a complete physical – and have the “shot records” to go along with it. You’ll have the percentage of brake lining remaining in each brake, your coolant additive level, and the psi and 32nds of every drive, steer, and trailer tire you’ve got mounted.

We can accept that nothing in life is perfect. What we won’t accept is anything less than what we call close: JAM good.

Call us today to set up your first PM.

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