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Rim Refinishing

The importance of wheels or rims is way too often underrated. Many drivers will only give attention to the tire portion of the wheel assembly during their pre-trip, when in all actuality the rim is of equal importance (although in all fairness, is much less likely to be damaged.)

The wheel on a commercial vehicle especially is extremely important when you consider it is holding the “cushion” that supports the 80,000 pounds you are hauling around on our nations bumpy, pot-hole filled roads. Cracks, worn bolt holes, and defects in the flanges or beads are all issues that can cause tire failure and can be caught during the rim refinishing process.

The rim refinishing process starts with a visit to a machine that hits the wheel with small blasts of steel shot to remove rust, dirt, road grime, etc. Once the wheel is stripped to its bare metal, it is then visually inspected for the above mentioned defects. Any remaining rust or grime is removed by hand and the rim is put back through the blasting machine. Rims that do not pass the test are returned to the customer with the reasons for failure defined. Rims that do, move onto the priming and powder coating process.

This next process coats the rim in a uniform layer of zinc primer/powder coating. It is then sent to an infrared oven that remains at 400 degrees to “bake” the rims for 28-32 minutes. This “baking” process turns the zinc powder into a shiny, solid coat that fights the good fight against all of the debris the road throws at it during it’s next lifetime.

Generally, the entire turnaround time from the moment we receive your rim, to receiving it back and ready for you is about a week. Our process is warrantied for one full year from the time of its refinishing.

 Got a few wheels that could use some work? Bring them to your local JAM and we’ll handle it.

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