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They're Baaaaaaaack - FS560 | Semi Truck Repair

I’m sure we’ve mentioned here on our blog that no one is perfect.

Heck, I’m almost equally as positive that we’ve probably made that statement here on our blog in reference to our own mistakes. (Like most of you, we aren’t afraid to admit when we’re wrong.)

It does feel like a small victory though when a major corporation admits a mistake though, doesn’t it? 🙂

Give a big fat welcome back to the FS560.

fs560 commercial truck tire

Now while we didn’t predict it’s return; we aren’t surprised. The FS560, ideal for P & D and LTL applications, is a good tire for a number of reasons. Replacing a number of import options, the FS560 features protective ribs on the sidewalls that help resist issues from curb scrub and other impacts.

It rolls in at 18/32nds, which while fairly common, is found in a wider tread pattern that works to evenly distribute GVW to promote longer, more even wear.

And since it’s the new (albeit newly returned) baby of the Firestone brand, you can trust that’s it’s both dependable and cost efficient.

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Post On: December 2, 2015
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