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They Say That Catching Up Is Hard to Do... | Semi Truck Repair

(Author’s note: if you have no desire to “catch up on” why I had “catching up to do,” skip now to the bottom four links to see what has herein been “caught up on.”)

If you know me at all, you know that the past couple weeks have been a little “hectic.”  And when I say hectic, what I mean is the  full-on, not enough hours in the day/week/month, running haggard ’til the wheels fell off, then when the wheels very literally fell off, lying in bed sick as a…. well sick as something that’s really sick (‘Cause the sick as a dog metaphor just doesn’t work for me thankyouverymuch) until the plague passed and I was well enough to come back to work… you know… for a 2 day week (since it was Thursday by the time I was well enough to make it back in) and then have those two days and the following short week because of the holiday to catch up on all of the work that had been missed during my time off, month end reporting, and a whole host of other projects to catch up on, type of hectic.

(Yes, the grammatical margin for error in that last sentence is basically 100%; and no, I don’t care in the slightest.)

I’ll try to explain what happened in non-run-on sentence form for ya.

Closing out last month was the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Texas. Since it’s no secret that I have a penchant for big shiny chromed out machines, it should go without saying I was reallyreallyreally excited. I had borrowed a fancy camera from a colleague to take all sorts of pictures with (to share with you here of course) and I was travelling with Jamie Hagen of Hell Bent Xpress – all really great things. I took half of Wednesday out of the office to get ready to fly out. (Preparation time is not something you’ll find in abundance outside of work time when you’re a single mom with two kids under 7.)

That’s when the madness really began.

Between travel time, getting our rental, checking in to the hotel, dropping our stuff, going to the show, back to the hotel briefly, and then out to dinner for a WeBoost promotion, we were up from 4am to 11pm (EST). And then because my internal clock is set for “wake up really freaking early,” it was pretty much rinse and repeat each day following until we flew back home at the crack of dawn Sunday to resume our normal lives.

Which would have been great.

But for the fact that during my travels I had caught the modern day version of the Bubonic Plague. Except the one that isn’t spread by fleas, didn’t cause swollen and/or erupting “buboes,” and thankfully didn’t kill me and all of the people around me…

Okay fine, it wasn’t the Plague. But seriously guys, for a few days there I wasn’t sure.

So obviously, after taking half a week off from work, I was blessed with the following week off work as well, at home in bed, feverish, running to the bathroom, sore-throated, snotty, and hacking my brains out. (Let’s go with “Things in life that make Hillary joyous” for $500, Alex.)

If you couldn’t tell by the sarcasm laced, Jeopardy reference – being sick and off work is actually NOT my favorite thing. (#Workerbeesunite, #lovemarketing, #JAMfam #Ihearttrucking #Womenintrucking, etc., etc., and on and on.) So when I was finally deemed well enough to return to work (on Thursday of last week) I was chomping at the bit to get back on track. I had tons of pictures to edit and upload from the show, blog posts to write on all sorts of different fun topics, website edits to complete, and boat loads of month end data mining work to do (since that is part of my job here as well.)

Woot! Thank God and modern medicine for high doses of Amoxicillin – I could do it!

Yeah…. ummm…. no.

Well… maybe….  if the data mining piece of it didn’t take a full two and half days, if I had the cord for the aforementioned fancy-cam to upload and edit all the pictures I took, and if I wasn’t so overwhelmed that I happened to notice that Operation Airbrake AND Truck Driver Appreciation Week are both happening next week.  If you’re a follower of this blog at all, you know I like to keep our peeps up to date with the national non-holidays the Alphabet Boys set (previously mentioned nicknames for the DOT, CVSA, FMCSA, if you aren’t a regular reader of this blog); and well, Truck Driver Appreciation Week is something near and dear to my heart since I heart trucking and a truck driver just so happens to hold the keys to my heart. (Naturally something else I would have been singing to rooftops of the interwebs here on this blog for you about weeks beforehand – had I been prepared.)

Here now, I can be seen wiping sweat off my brow with a look of tired concern on my face. See above. No folks, real day to day life ain’t pretty.

SO, that brings us to today, Wednesday. Instead of doing anything else, I thought I would spew forth all of the amazingness of the past couple weeks, published in several different posts, all pushed out today on our blog.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner; it’s a day for content galore!

Side note: yes, I am actually excited about this. The concerned face above was merely for dramatic effect. I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!

[Mumbles under breath: “With coffee.”]

Without further ado, and to keep the long story from getting longer, here are the things that today I “caught in the net.” (My poor reference to the whole catching up theme I started this post on. Don’t you judge me.)

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (Incoherent scream of joy/war cry/whatever sound you just made in your head.)

Click on any link to see/read more about it.

Preparing your fleet for Operation Airbrake Inspection Week.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week – Why this is important and what you should do.

GATS peeks from my phone since I never got a cord to download the high quality pictures. 

I got to meet the Optimus Prime truck from the next Transformers movie and have pics to prove it! (Coming when the big wigs at Paramount give me approval!)

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