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The Latest P & D All Position All Star: Bridgestone R238 | Semi Truck Repair

To complement the already available R268 Ecopia, Bridgestone is now releasing the R238 all position tire for sizes 245/70R17.5 LRJ and 245/70R19.5 LRG. This smaller sized tire is perfect for pickup and delivery applications where strong casings and well designed tread designs are needed to stand up to frequent curb and maneuvering scrubbing.The R238 includes a number of the same features as the R268 Ecopia to extend the life of the casing and reduce your cost per mile. The center of the tread features a special grooved shape to help resist tearing. Additionally you’ll find stone rejector platforms in the center grooves which work to reduce the amount of time a stone actually stays in your tread, drilling away at that expensive rubber. The exterior channels feature a wavy interior edge designed to reduce groove strain and irregular wear. All four ribs, just as in it’s “elder” counterpart, are spaced specifically to promote a stiff tread design which further combats irregular wear. Also as seen in the R268, the R238 features the same wide shoulder tread design on the exterior and the same wider belts on the interior, created to resist the curb scrub and irregular shoulder wear commonly found in P & D applications.

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Post On: February 9, 2016
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