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The Countdown Continues: Advice Direct from the Tire Bible | Semi Truck Repair

Well, I did it anyway. Countdown timers are just. plain. fun.

Plus it gives you a running clock of how many days left you have to get your fleet in order.

You’re welcome.

Countdown to CVSA’s International Roadcheck 2016

And,  since we’re talking about things you can be thankful for… we need to give a shout out to the Technology & Maintenance Council at the American Trucking Association for their contributions to todays post. A super nice gentleman over there by the name of Robert Braswell has granted us permission to feature several pages taken directly from their Radial Tire Conditions Analysis Guide on tire inspections. In case you weren’t aware, this book is THE tire bible for people in the industry. And the term tire bible isn’t just a phrase I’m using to sound clever. It is actually the most thorough breakdown of any and all possible damages you could have with a truck tire and how and why they are happening – fully defined/described in text and with full color pics. It’s really pretty awesome. (I myself have an older edition and still consider it like GOLD. Don’t you judge me; I’m a truck and tire chick after all.)

Anyway big thanks go out to the TMC at ATA for the following information to prepare for this year’s focal point. You’ll find their handy reference guide to walk you through inspecting your tires below and should you be so inclined you can purchase your own version of the tire bible here. (BTW, I get no spiffs for this. It’s just a valuable resource I truly believe everyone should have.)

As a reminder, if you haven’t started prepping for this years blitz…. NOW is the time. Take note though, tires are not the only thing inspectors will be checking during the event. Direct from the Motor Carrier Enforcement Supervisor at the Ohio State Highway Patrol, all inspections they will be carrying out will be Level 1, or the most thorough inspections. (We’ll be featuring the actual checklist from the CVSA in the coming weeks as well to help you prepare. Consider it like an old school study guide; and June 7-9 is the big test.)


And stay tuned next week for the aforementioned interview with the State Highway Patrolman.

Without further ado….. a little piece of the gold!

tire guide

tire bible

Photos used with permission from the Radial Tire Conditions Analysis Guide, published ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC); (703) 838-1763; http://tmc.trucking.org

Post On: May 18, 2016
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