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Keith H. Belwa, Compass Rose Int’l Transport

We are a Canadian cross border carrier licensed to operate in Canada and the United States. We have an intermodal division that travels between Toronto Ontario and Chicago, Illinois.  We also travel between Toronto, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. Our company has been doing this business for approximately 16 years and like all carriers it is important to have a good network of tire and mechanical vendors throughout the routes they travel for those unforeseen break downs. It sometimes can be very difficult to find good honest and talented vendors and I am sorry to say we have had our fair share of the not so honest or talented.

About two years ago we had a double blow out on a chassis near Flint, Michigan and to add to the problem, this of course was a time sensitive load. I exhausted all attempts with other vendors as they were busy or did not have the proper tire size. I went on Truckdown and located a company in their system called Jam Best One.

When I placed the call I spoke with a gentleman named Earl, who quickly assured me that they had the tires and a technician at the ready. One hour and 15 minutes later our owner operator was back on the road. Since then we have built a trusted bond between Jam Best One and our company and we have been utilizing all of their locations. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Jam Best One in our network and we continue to feel confident that when we call for assistance we are always greeted with a friendly voice and a talented, professional technician at the ready.

Larry Kozlowski, Motorhome owner

“I am very happy with the courteous and friendly service I have received from Seth and Dennis the mechanic.  I picked up my Class “C” motorhome yesterday after a good deal of mechanical work and I am pleased with the improvement in the ride and handling.  This is my 3rd experience with your shop.  Seth treats me very well as a customer and Dennis performs his work expertly and does not try to sell me more than I need.  I feel that your business is very honest and that I am getting a good value for my dollar.  Most importantly, the work is done correctly. Please compliment Seth and Dennis (and Lisa too) for me and keep up the good service!”

Gary Hoyt @ Jumping Jacks LLC

“Thanks for the great service at the Toledo location. Jeff has taken great care of me. You have one of the finest shops available here. They solved a problem that has been dogging me for months in just five minutes amazing. Your alignment man also did a wonderful job no more cupping, no more pulling. Thanks a million.”

Dale @ Hooper Incorporated

[Speaking in reference to a roadside service call] “I’m not sure you could do a better job. The weather couldn’t have been worse–snow, ice, sleet–and your guy was on time, and got right on his belly under my truck to get it fixed. I even asked him to run back to grab some more fuel for me and he did it with no hesitation.”

Chrissi @ BD Transport

“It is always nice working with you guys. I like being able to call you and know that you will get whatever it is taken care of. Your customer service is always friendly when I call; and the pricing is great. I really appreciate the hard work you do for us!”

Mike Pons @ Hutch Paving

“The business that we are in is hard on tires. And since our schedule is constantly full,  we fully depend on JAM to manage our tires and recaps as well as rotating out our equipment for yearly alignments. We were a little hesitant to “let go of the reins” so to speak, but we couldn’t be more happy that we did. JAM has helped us to maximize our tires life cycle and left us with the most valuable commodity – more time!”

Gordon Magolan @ Kinnie Annex

“I represent Kinnie Annex and we’re members of NationaLease, so we not only manage new equipment leases, but we are a logisitics company as well. We’ve been using JAM for all of the tires and alignments for our fleet for about a year now and have had no complaints! Their service in the shop as well as in our yard is always consistent – and always good. We appreciate that.”

Jeff Crisman @ Capacity Transport

“I’ve known Kenny Weber for going on 20 years now. I can almost say we’re as much business associates as friends at this point. I followed Kenny when he came from Weber tire to JAM because I knew he wasn’t going to go to any operation that wouldn’t continue the same level of service he had already been representing. I wasn’t wrong. JAM is a stand up operation with a stand up team.”

Greg Hoski

“I’m an owner/operator, been driving for 20+ years, and have been working with Kenny Weber for my tires and roadside service for almost all of them. I’d have to say it’s a good sign of any business that they’ve kept customers as long as they’ve kept me. They’ve never given me a reason to go anywhere else.”

Curtis Dunn – Driver @ Elgin Motor Freight

“Hi there! I am the driver of the Elgin/Challenger that had an air bag repaired on Tuesday January 19 I just wanted to say that I was extremely happy with the service that Ben provided

He was very pleasant to deal with and didn’t mind answering the general knowledge questions I had about the repair. He definitely performed the repair in a timely and professional manner.

I will certainly be referring JAM to my company for any repairs that occur in this area. Thank you!”


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