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customer appreciation day

Have you received our postcard in the mail? Or gotten our email? Or heard it from one of our Solutions team?


We’re excited. (Just in case you couldn’t tell.) And you should be too. Here’s the rundown of what’s happening at our Northwood shop over the next two days.

FOOD!! (And not just everyday, ordinary bulk food. You know the type–clearly commercial, mass produced, lacking unique flavor combinations. Yeccch.) We do way better than that. In the wee hours of Thursday morning (long before our guests have begun to arrive) we’ll be starting to roast the pig we’ll be having at that days’ festivities. And since we know that roasted pig isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we’re having a taco bar as well and a boat-load of sides.

The menu for Friday is more picnic-style but still downright delicious. We’ll be having hamburgers, Italian sausage, hot dogs, fried thick sliced bologna, super cheesy mac and cheese, pasta salad, baked beans, cowboy caviar.

And both days at the event, you’ll have access to our very own ice cream machine and sundae bar. Talk about YUM, right?

On top of that, food isn’t the only way we show our appreciation. During the two day event, any alignment that you schedule before the end of the year will be 25% cheaper than our everyday price. (And that can be for every truck in your  fleet!) On top of that we’ve got a list of tires that we’ve marked down ridiculously that will be available the two days of the event. Annnnnnd since the tires that we price cut are for pretty specific applications–and we didn’t want everyone else to feel left out– we’ve gotten clearance to make deals on EVERY TIRE IN STOCK! Need to change out a few LP 22.5’s low on 32nds? Want to keep a few spares in the your shop for blowouts? Just ask. We’ll make it happen.

Plus, as if that weren’t enough (insert evil laughter here) you get a super fun grab bag just for showing up and a chance to win a set of Firestone steers, a 4 pack of Tigers tickets, a a whole bunch of other prizes.

We’re trying to outdo ourselves from last year (Also in case you couldn’t tell.)

Who’s invited??


Send your drivers, your techs, your office staff–we’ll feed everyone AND even send you back with a to-go box for whoever stayed to man the phones. Seriously.

Here’s the details:

Thursday and Friday July 23rd & 24th, 2015 from 11am to 3pm.

6202 Fairfield Dr. in Northwood, OH 43619.

Be there.


Post On: July 22, 2015
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