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Here in Northwest Ohio where our Headquarters are located, the month has been considerably and surprisingly mild for the beginning of March. Maybe not too surprising as El Nino did gift our region with a mild winter.

But for the purpose of example… I offer you this…

Last Tuesday the temperature hit 73. In the first week of March. In Northwest Ohio.

Technically Spring doesn’t even begin for another 5 days.

And yet, here we are bringing out the shorts and tees before the season officially hits for such apparel.

And also, here we are listening to me digress. Again.

Regardless, many areas are seeing the first signs of Spring now. And since it’s official start date IS around the corner, I thought it fitting to pen a post on how to make sure the tires on your fleet are ready to roll in this warmer weather.

So without further ado (obviously there’s been enough ‘ado’ already): Semi Truck Tire Spring Training.

For starters, take off those winter tires, you big lug! (I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.) Unless you’re living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s about time. The roads are clear for the most part (albeit now littered with potholes the size of Montana) and rolling a deep lugged tread may help your traction on those newly dry, clear of snow roads (sarcasm intended) but it certainly isn’t gonna help your fuel mileage.

And for those of you who will cry “Oh, but fuel prices are so low!!” We say this… They sure are. But just a guess, fuel is STILL probably one of your biggest expenses, no?

Anyway, it’s time to bring out the summer shoes.

While we’re on the topic of changing shoes, it’s a good time to mention that the quality of said shoes will begin to matter more in just a couple months. As the sun shines longer and brighter and the air heats up, so too does the pavement. Your tires will start running nearly as hot as those roads. And when your tires run hotter, they’re more prone to blow outs and impact breaks. So while some of you might think “Ahh well, we lose more tires in the summer, we might as well go with the cheap ones….” Keep in mind there might be a reason you’re blowing through so many of those cheap tires. (There’s a time and a place for every tire, folks. Summer is not the time for cheap ones.)

If you should be of the class that runs a ‘seasonless tire,’ an important tip for you in the coming months is to check your psi. Seems like a no brainer but cold temperatures directly affect your tires’ air pressure, and if your drivers are only halfway diligent about checking air pressures during pre-trips? This might be something you need to check. Underinflated tires pose just as much of a risk for early wear and damage than overinflated ones do.

What other things do you do to get ready for the summer heat?

Post On: March 16, 2016
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