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Semi Truck AC Repair - Drying Out Sweat Pools 1 Truck At A Time | Semi Truck Repair

semi truck ac repair meme

It’s a funny meme, but in real life it can be a day-ruiner.

It’s no surprise that driver comfort is a big deal in our industry. From the quality of seats our drivers are pulling our freight in, to the ease of technology that gets them to their next delivery, creature comforts can make or break a drivers attitude when they’re sitting in the cab for up to 11 hours at a stretch.

In these cruel summer months, a properly running air conditioning system is easily the most important of these. We’ve never met a driver that likes sitting in a puddle of their own sweat. Not a one.

So, in typical JAM Best-One fashion (because we love both you and your equipment), here’s what to look for and what might be going on with any A/C related issues in your fleet this summer.

The easiest telltale sign is obviously when there’s no longer cool air coming out of your vents. Generally speaking, semi truck air conditioning should hover between 40-45 degrees at it’s coolest. Any cooler and you’re risking freeze up issues. Any warmer… and well… we already mentioned that. 🙂

Here are few other indicators that your truck’s AC unit needs to be repaired:

  • Damp/musty smelling air
  • A/C that only blows cool (or moderately cool) when the semi truck is moving
  • Low fan speeds even when the dial is turned up

There’s several reasons your commercial air conditioner could need repair – and they range from the simplest (low freon) to the more complex like leaks in hoses or fittings, or the very worst case scenario –  an issue with your AC compressor. Chances are though, if it’s anything more than a freon issue, you might need our help. And truth be told, 9 out of 10 times, it isn’t just an evacuate and recharge issue. 🙁

And while that might seem like bad news, the good news is our A/C service is 32% cheaper than our truck stop competition. All day, every day.

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