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Preparing Your Fleet For Operation Airbrake Week | Semi Truck Repair

Fleet owners, maintenance managers, owner/ops, and drivers: get ready for the good ol’ September pat down.

Before we begin though, let me start by apologizing that I haven’t been blowing up your feed/inbox/search results for weeks already to prepare you for the upcoming inspections (as is my usual practice.) If you take or have taken a peek at this post here, you’ll understand why, and hopefully forgive me.

So forgiven or not, let’s get down to the pushrod and stroke, shall we?

September 16th through the 22th, 2018, our favorite Alphabet Boys will be out in abundance to take a look at the brakes on your equipment. The CVSA’s website claims regarding this week that all inspections “will be identified as a Level IV Inspection,” which, by their own definition, “typically includes a one-time examination of a particular item.”

Let’s not get it twisted though, folks, if your truck’s tires are bald or you’re missing a mud flap, chances are you’re going to get pinged for that too.

In a perfect world, our equipment wouldn’t fail, accidents wouldn’t happen, and the need for these inspections would be obsolete. Alas, the world is far from perfect though, no?

So here we are.

Since neither myself nor Google are big fans of duplicate content, I went ahead and took a screenshot from our previous post about Airbrake Inspection Preparedness (sounds fancy, right?) and am pasting it below. If you’d like to check out the whole post it was taken from (’cause you clearly can’t get enough of my non-AP style ;)) you can find it here.

So what can YOU do to get your fleet ready for next week’s inspections? BOOM. Here you go!

Operation Airbrake

The link referenced in the above text can be found here.

The CVSA previously had listed their pushrod stroke reference guide on their site clear as day, but since I posted the article from which I quote above, they have removed that page and instead are now offering this page as a reference for mechanics and drivers. I did a little digging and found regulation number 393.47 of the FMCSA’s guidelines which provide a more thorough guide of the hard and fast numbers to reference. Click here to be taken to that page.

If you dig on Canada, and enjoy their habitual effort to educate their fleets and drivers alike, you can check out their Air Brake Manual -Training & Reference Guide (available to download at the “Air Brake” link found on this page) which is a GREAT resource for those just starting out, and also their Inspection Guidelines, which walks you through the process of checking your pushrod stroke. (Kudos to you Canada, for doing something as a standard that would probably be considered progressive here.)

And of course, if you have a question that you can’t find the answer to at any of these links? Call 888-FIX-TIRE and we’ll get it answered for ya. We’re good like that. 😉

Post On: September 7, 2016
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