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Potholes, Alignments, & The Appearance of Drunk Driving | Semi Truck Repair

If you’re in any part of Ohio or Michigan, the following meme makes all too much sense.

Potholes in our states can very literally be CAVERNOUS. As proof, I respectfully submit Exhibit A:

semi truck alignments

And then, while we’re at it, let’s submit as Exhibit: B, found in Michigan:

Yep. It’s really that bad. And, to be fair, it isn’t only our states. Just last week, our Leadership Team hosted a speaker that travelled from Indiana along I-69 to get to our conference center. He was about an hour late because the stretch of 69 he was travelling along had essentially been closed. Traffic was allowed through, but because of the frequency and size of the potholes, cars were being slowly led through by police escort. Seriously!

All fun memes and insane (but true) stories aside, it’s something we in these parts expect to deal with. From February to March (and sometimes even into April depending on the speed of which repair crews are able to get to all the affected sections), we know we have to watch the road even closer and prepare to swing wide (if we are able), or alternately, brace for impact for what we can’t avoid.

Welcome to Alignment Season.

We have said it before, but given the amount of money you could be losing – it’s worth repeating:

Alignments are really important.

Without properly aligned wheels, tires wear unevenly and faster (by 30%); and fuel costs rise by around 2%. Have we changed your mind yet?

The beauty of alignments is that you don’t even need them as often as your other PM services. We only recommend getting your semi truck wheels aligned 1-2 times a year depending on the amount of miles you put on your equipment. We can also guarantee that the cost of an alignment is less than what you will spend on new tires and fuel.

We would love for you to call us for your next alignment; but if you don’t use us – use someone. We’re in the business of helping others. If you save money after hearing what we have to say? We’ve done our job.

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