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One from The Vaults: Early Firestone Advertising | Semi Truck Repair

Back in 1933, should you have decided to take a trip to the Firestone Factory and Exhibition Factory, you would’ve gotten a neat little booklet to take home with you with a note from Harvey Firestone himself inside the front cover. When one of our JAM crew found this in his Grandmother’s belongings, he knew it was too cool not to share with out audience here.

The booklet walks the consumer through the entire practice of creating a Firestone Gum-Dipped tire, as well as their worldwide factories, their participation in the World’s Fair and Hall of Science, and their other little known products – one of which we’ll show you here.

Take a peek inside this cool memento! (And kudos to the Marketing department at Firestone in 1933 – This booklet is not only┬áreally cool – it’s really thorough!)

Early firestone ad

early firestone products

Post On: July 29, 2015
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