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Love Notes From The CSA | Semi Truck Repair

DOT Inspector

Woo-hoo ya’ll, Brake Safety Week starts next week. (Note the sarcasm, please.)

Over the years we’ve found that fleets fall in one of three categories when it comes to inspections. There’s the “let’s run each truck through the shop to make sure we’re not going to get hit with fines” type. There’s the “Eh, our drivers do pretty through pre-trips, we’re good” variety. And finally, there’s the fleets that just hope for the best.

We’re not here to judge, but we are in the business of trying to increase your bottom line. The DOT most certainly is not. And if you think otherwise – here are a couple quick facts for ya….

In the unannounced inspection day that took place in June, the US conducted 10,074 inspections. IN ONE DAY. 

Of these inspections, nearly 14% were placed out of service.

Given that most inspections conducted are the Level 1 – or the most thorough variety – we can pretty much guarantee that quite a few of the remaining 86% went home with love notes from the DOT. Don’t let the CSA show you any love next week. Take a quick walkaround your equipment before it leaves the yard. And if you need any help, call us.

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