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liberty and justice truck

It is truly a sad state of affairs in a country when a celebrity (who, it should be noted,  does nothing to be deserving of the typical “celebrity” status: sing, write, act, etc.) is more discussed than the brave members of our military that risk their lives on the regular to represent and defend our country and work to protect the lives of others.

It is truly sad when celebrity names are longer remembered than those who risked or gave their lives for our freedom.

Since the very beginnings of our recorded history, Americans have waged battles both home and abroad. Starting with the American Revolutionary War in 1775 and continuing up until the current Global War on Terror, over 1.3 million selfless Americans have given their lives fighting for this country.

Over 40 million have left their families and risked their lives to do the same.

I’d like to give you a moment to let that number sink in:

40 million people walked out of their homes, leaving families behind, knowing full well they might NEVER return. 

That’s courage on a level I couldn’t begin to fathom even in my very wildest, Mission Impossible type dream.

Now you might wonder why here on our trucking blog we are featuring a post that sounds more akin to a history lesson than a blog post.

The answer to that?

Our latest piece of industry awesome of course, brought to you by a couple I have been fortunate enough to meet: Thomas & Billie Liegel. Their truck, the Liberty and Justice Tribute Truck, has received a good amount of press lately and for good reason. Covering it’s surface is a history lesson in and of itself, commemorating 10 wars through amazing graphics. It is the epitome of a “rolling tribute” to veterans and active military personnel of both the present and the past.  Depicted are images of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, WW1, WW2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, the Iraq War, and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Thomas and Billie designed the trucks wrap to serve as a rolling reminder of the courageous Americans who risked and risk currently the ultimate sacrifice – and never ask for, and most commonly never get – the credit and respect they deserve.

We are proud to share Thomas and Billies truck today as our “Industry Awesome” and commend them on shining a light on our nations real celebrities.

Liberty & justice truck

liberty and justice truck

liberty and justice truck

liberty and justice truck

liberty and justice truck

liberty and justice truck

Post On: October 14, 2015
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