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Bridgestone Introduces the R283A Ecopia | Semi Truck Repair

bridgestone r283a

Though we aren’t sure whether to file this under “better” or “best,” the introduction of the new Ecopia itself proves that Bridgestone’s engineers are anything but complacent.

The R283A Ecopia replaces the R283; and with it brings a 21% improvement in tread life and a 3% improvement in rolling resistance. OTR drivers looking for a fuel efficient, long wearing steer, that promises solid retreadability have finally found their match.

This updated Bridgestone tire combines many technologies already employed in other Ecopia tires, but with a cutting edge advanced tread compound that gives it a marked improvement over its prior counterpart.

The R283A utilizes Bridgestones patented Nanopro-tech sidewall polymer in conjunction with their (also patented) IntelliShape sidewall design. Combined, these two features mean less energy loss during rotation. This equates to lower rolling resistance without sacrificing wear or mileage attributes.

Bridgestone is rolling out the new Ecopia in 4 sizes in both Load ranges G & H through the beginning of 2016. Think this might be the perfect fit for your fleet? Call your local JAM today for more information.

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