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Freightliners Inspiration

You have probably already heard about Freightliner’s dramatic late night unveiling yesterday at the Hoover Dam. But, because it was REALLY FREAKING COOL and industry related; we’d be remiss not to mention it here on our blog.

Last night in a ceremony that was nothing short of impressive, Freightliner broke a world record while unveiling their latest “Inspiration,” the first licensed autonomous commercial truck to operate on a public U.S. Highway–onto the side of the Hoover Dam.

As if the first street legal autonomous vehicle wasn’t impressive enough, Freightliner broke the World Record for largest projection screen in North America yet by turning the national landmark into the backdrop for their unveiling ceremony – a projection that was nearly the size of 8 football fields and projected by 60 projectors set up about a half mile away from the dam.

The half hour viewing showcased the truck receiving the first license plate to go on an autonomous vehicle and then highlighted some of features and benefits the truck offers for both safety and fuel economy to the trucking industry. It ended with the spotlighted truck driving onto the dam itself. (Like we said: Really. Well. Done. Kudos to Daimler for a spectacular introduction.) Check out the video below.

Post On: May 6, 2015
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