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COVID-19 and Our Service to You

Updated 3/25/20

A note from our Corporate Office:

A note from Coach:

There is no doubt that the current virus outbreak has created anything but a normal business environment.

As most organizations have done, Best One JAM has implemented sweeping guidelines to help slow down and minimize the spread of this unprecedented virus. Our first and most important focus is on the health and safety of our team and their families. As such, we are instructing any employee to stay home if necessary and/or practice the following:

  • Stop all handshaking and practice social distancing whenever and wherever possible.
  • If you are sick of any type, DO NOT COME TO WORK. 
  • If workers show up that are sick, do not let them work. Send them home.
  • If you need to stay home to take care of sick ones, do so. 
  • If you need to stay home to take care of kids because they are not allowed to go to their sitter, daycare, school is closed, etc. do so. 
  • Clean your work area, phones, etc. regularly with disinfectants and wipes. 
  • Ask all clients to sanitize before using the pens, etc. at the counter. 
  • Tell and force employees to wash their hands 10-20 times per day. This alone can reduce the risk of contamination by over 50%.
  • If you are in a high-risk situation, e.g., over 55 age, underlying health conditions, etc. consider taking some time off and staying home. 
  • Be kind and considerate to each other. The stress this is causing on many of the population is severe. Everyone handles it differently. Understand and accept that. No one is the same as you and understands or processes things the same way you do. Do not look down or negatively on those that see the situation differently. Be compassionate!

These guidelines will undoubtedly have an impact on our service capabilities to you, our clients.

We understand that getting and keeping your trucks and equipment up and running is paramount to your business. You and your needs are critical to us!

Please understand that as our team deals with their own situations, we may have to limit the number of calls we can take, services we can offer, and extend our response times as our staffing may be limited in different locations.   We will do whatever we can to accommodate as much as we can.

We have  plans in place so that,  if needed, we can provide most functions, from remote sites or our teammate’s homes:

  • Handle phone calls
  • Process invoices and paperwork
  • Dispatch service calls to technicians
  • Have service techs work remotely from our fleet of over 70 service trucks

We are asking for your patience and understanding that as this is a fluid situation, the typical service you’ve grown to expect from Best One JAM, may be a little different for a bit.

If you have any questions or wish additional information, you may contact me directly at my office (419.469.5595) or on my cell (419.779.0986).

In the meantime, God bless, and please stay healthy. We will send out and post additional updates to our website as this fluid situation develops.

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