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Bald Tires: File Under "Things That Hurt Our Soul" | Semi Truck Repair

If you haven’t been able to tell, we are constantly reading industry magazines, blogs, whitepapers, etc to make sure that if you read nothing else, keeping up with our blog will keep you current.

So when we read this story about a fleets bald tires causing a wreck, we got sick to our stomachs. And knew immediately that it was something you needed to read.

Last week, tirereview.com published a report of a nearly tragic accident in Florida involving a dump truck and a school bus. The dump truck reportedly ran a red light and smacked into the side of the school bus carrying 15 Pensacola students and their teachers, knocking it onto its side.

As was expected, the police immediately began an investigation. The schools superintendent, angered and doing his own due diligence, came forward and  brought the state’s Highway Patrol in to inspect the company with a fine toothed comb – looking at everything from its maintenance to hiring practices. The students and teachers walked away with minor injuries, thankfully, but the truck was found to have tires in both front and rear positions that were…

wait for it….

Close to 100% bald.

Yep. 100% bald.

Just let that ridiculousness sink in for a minute while you take a look.

There’s been no comment from the company or the driver that we’ve seen as of yet but so many expletives come to mind when reading this story it’s like a jumble of voices in our own brain just thinking about it.

Like seriously???? Your driver didn’t pre-trip???? Or didn’t even notice out of the corner of his eyes that his tires were entirely bald?!??? And the company that was supposedly “managing” their tire program??? How many fleet inspections did you MISS COMPLETELY to let a tire get to 0/32nds?! Do you even know what a 32nd refers to??Seriously?!?? WHO EVEN DOES THAT?!

Okay; we’ll stop being all CAPS yell-ey.

End rant.

Seriously though people, use some common sense PLEASE!! Lives are in fact at stake here.

Do not drive on bald tires!!

Post On: October 21, 2015
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