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A Tire That Produces Energy?! | Semi Truck Repair

Okay, so that might be oversimplifying a little bit. But still….

We’ve admitted in the past that we’re total technology addicts. We love technology that will help us do our jobs faster, technology that will help the people we serve become more efficient, and any industry innovative technology that we come across.

So, staying true to our roots, when we heard about the release of Goodyear’s concept tire, The BH03, we got pretty excited. Granted, the BH03 is only for passenger electric vehicles (not application specific at all, right?! :)) at this time; but the possibility of such an innovation has our little hearts going pitter-pat.

In the fuel-dependent world we live in, where a chunk of a fleets bottom line is impacted by fuel expenses, this technology is the sort of “stuff of the future” we’d like to see more of. (And faster, in case you were wondering. Read: Get on it Goodyear. We’re ready.)

The tire works by converting the heat energy generated by the friction between the tire and the ground into electricity, which is then used to power the vehicle. The dark patches are used to absorb the heat and the light patches used to support the energy that is being created. Pretty cool, right?

We think so.

Now we wait for them to make it in a LP 22.5.

Post On: March 11, 2015
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