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4 Reasons to Schedule Your DOT Inspection | Semi Truck Repair

With 5 days remaining, we’re down to the final countdown of days before the official start of Spring. Though there isn’t a set “best time of year” for inspections since the FMCSA likes to perform their pop up money grabs “safety weeks” at multiple points throughout the year, Spring seems to be a time for many of our clients to start getting their annual DOT’s. With that in mind, we compiled a quick list of the top 4 reasons you should start scheduling DOT inspections for all the equipment in your fleet.

4. A DOT, while technically an inspection, is also a method of preventative maintenance. So while it is a necessity to be a legal eagle on the road, it also can point out issues that may have gone unnoticed in your drivers ever so thorough and always routine pre trips.

3. On top of that, depending on the vendor that does your inspection, a DOT is a great way to get a “temp of the water” overview on several important components of your fleet. For example, your tires might not be at the pull point yet for the 32nds you are running… but knowing that you’re 2/32nds away from that pull point a month away from an inspection event is certainly valuable information.

2.  CSA scores are again able to be publically viewed. And while the FMCSA has “tweeked” them to be “more accurate,” they don’t always paint the most favorable picture  of a driver OR carrier, highlighting “5 years of crash data and 3 years of roadside inspection data.” (And let’s face it, we all have bad days!)

1. In 2015, nationwide, there were 3,383,417 inspections. Out of those 3.3+ million, a whopping 20% of vehicles were put OOS. Let’s just repeat that for good measure:

In 2015, 676,684 vehicles were placed out of service during a roadside inspection. On top of that nearly 5% of the DRIVERS were placed OOS. Only fools will ignore that number.

For most fleets, taking a piece of equipment out of service is expensive. Repairs are always more affordable when they’re planned!

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