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3 Rules For Cautious Driving in Crappy Weather | Semi Truck Repair

Because common sense isn’t always so common.

Admittedly, our specialties are tires and service. We aren’t a trucking company, a fleet or maintenance manager, and we certainly aren’t a driving school. With that being said though, and on the dawn of this ice-covered Wednesday, we think it’s appropriate to pen (or type rather) a few words on cautious driving in crappy weather.

Your first and best two lines of defense against adverse road conditions are your tires and your drivers. Owner/operator Jamie Hagen of Hell Bent Xpress, notes that he considers tires to be the number 1 safety device on a vehicle. And while there are a few other things that might fight for first on that list, we’d have to agree.


Break traction on a slick roadway and a number of things can go wrong (including but not limited to your driver needing a new pair of pants.) Break traction at high speeds and some of those same things can prove to be fatal to your driver or other people on the road.

semi-truck winter driving

So when you’re sending your drivers out and the weather is (or is about to be) poor, be sure to remind them of a few key points to pay attention to.

Just. Slow. Down. Though you may fear your boss, we assure you that NO load is worth your life.

Maintaining a safe following distance can protect both you and your equipment. We don’t need to tell you it takes a lot longer to stop big trucks than passenger vehicles. We also don’t need to tell you that passenger vehicles are more often the reckless drivers. So when the jerk in the four wheeler cuts you off, go ahead and mutter a few expletives under your breath… and then adjust the space between your vehicles to leave room for if/when he makes his next idiot move.

Always be looking for an out. If the worst case scenario happens, what are you going to do? Pay extra attention to your mirrors and surroundings in inclement weather. If you do start to skid, which part of the road might be the best to regain traction? Is there traffic on either side of you? Obstructions on the shoulder? Second to tires, an alert driver can make all the difference in inclement weather.

Post On: March 2, 2016
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